América Rodríguez

When we focus our energy on constructing a meaningful life, we place a butterfly effect into this world, creating a beautiful wave effect of inspiration. When one person follows a dream, achieves a goal, or takes a bold leap, everyone around will feel that energy, and before they know it, they are taking their own bold leaps and, yet, creating another inspiring wave.


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América Rodríguez

Optimist, Dreamer, Engineer

I call it infobesity; the act of storing so much information and not sharing it. I built this website to share useful information that has helped me get through my career of civil engineering. I want to help other first-generational students that seek post-secondary education to achieve their goals. 

My Experience

My Educational Journey

My parents immigrated to the USA from Mexico so I could receive a better education. When I was weeks before graduating high school I didn’t know what was the first step I had to take. I decided to start at my local community college, which I believe it was the best decision I’ve taken that lead me to graduate debt-free.

2012 - 2016
I studied at Westview High School

I mostly all the STEM related electives offered. I contacted different private engineering firms to conduct informational interviews.

2017 - 2019
I studied at Portland Community College (PCC)

I earned my Associates of Science. I started with a career choice of Civil Engineering Technician and changed it to Civil Engineering a year later.

2019 - 2022
I went to Portland State University

I transferred my Associates of Science and got accepted to MCECS’s Engineering Program. Continuing my Civil Engineering Degree with a focus on Structural Engineering. 

2022 - Present
Lightning the Future

Nobody know what the future holds… but the easiest way to know is by creating it. 

I have a vision and many aspirations to accomplish all while giving back. 


These are a list of things that I have done and sources that have helped me personally. Find them under the Resources tab. 

What I have learned


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